While 2016 will likely go down in many individuals’s minds as a hard as well as hard year in several ways, we can also prefer to see why 2016 was excellent for mankind. Indeed, there were positive occasions everywhere that has as well as will continuously alter our globe right. 2017 is looking really bright.


  1. November’s UNITED STATE political election brought with it 4 even more states in the United States legalizing entertainment cannabis as well as 3 added states legalizing clinical marijuana. California was one of the states that chose recreational marijuana, which is excellent. ‘As California goes, so goes the nation’ is a prominent claiming, recommending that trends begin first in The golden state, then eventually spread throughout the entire UNITED STATE 2017 will certainly be a year where a lot more stress is placed on the facility to legalize all kinds of cannabis. Because cannabis heals cancer and helps enormously with Parkinson’s, Autism as well as various other health conditions, it is time to end the lies of the pharmaceutical sector as well as to permit this plant to be used as the medication it really is. Isn’t really it regarding time we legislate the manufacturing of hemp too to ensure that we can produce lasting clothing, paper, plastics, housing as well as utilize it in lots of various other ways? Numerous states are currently defying the federal government and have begun growing as well as collecting hemp. It’s only an issue of time prior to the entire U.S. and world does the same.
  2. The UNITED STATE political election likewise saw thousands of flash-mob reflections happen at polling stations across the USA and at places beyond the U.S. We are experiencing an enormous shift in awareness and also understanding on our planet, which is assisting to produce a world that benefits everyone.
  3. Columbia as well as the FARC Rebels sign a tranquility deal, which is constantly a favorable advance. The Afghanistan government also authorized a peace manage a rebel group, which was the initial peace offer signed by the Covering federal government since 2001. 2017 will certainly bring even much more calls for peace everywhere.
  4. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk introduces that their new photovoltaic panel roof coverings will likely cost much less compared to normal roofings, which are due to come out in 2017. The tidy power transformation will certainly militarize profoundly in 2017. Simply visualize where we will be at one year from now? The future is bright.
  5. Iceland’s Pirate Event obtains 7 seats in parliament, up from 3 to 10. A true revolutionary, intellectual, anti-establishment celebration now is Iceland’s 2nd leading celebration and will surely shake up the status a lot more in 2017. The Pirate Celebration also exists in over 40 other nations. Will the pattern proceed in 2017? Absolutely.
  6. A French company named Colas introduces that solar roadways will certainly be evaluated at over 100 websites in 2017.
  7. A research files exactly how the globe is really coming to be an extra peaceful location, inning accordance with long-term patterns. As mentioned earlier, the phone calls for peace will grow also louder in 2017.
  8. A clinical research in the UK is released which shows exactly how solar energy is already generating even more energy compared to nonrenewable fuel sources. Exactly what was once believed to be untrue, has actually currently been shown to be real. Eco-friendly power manufacturing will remain to climb all around the globe, while the old standard of fossil gases sees it’s final days.
  9. Russia, China, South Korea and Japan come together to begin producing the Asian Super Grid, which is a large grid of solar and wind innovations that extend those four nations and also offer power to a lot more countries. Extra large projects like this will be imagined and also started in 2017. Additionally, this grid is a terrific way for those countries to coordinate as well as work together even extra in the realm of politics and culture. Let’s wish this model is a success and is ideas to the remainder of the world.
  10. Standing Rock: While there continues to be much job delegated be done at Standing Rock, we have actually seen something truly stunning and also remarkable in how the world has actually integrated to support water, the Aboriginal tribes of our globe and our planet. The unification of humanity will increase a lot more in 2017.

While there are several, a lot more topics that could have been highlighted in this listing, these are some that have actually attracted attention in extremely positive means. Let all of us remain to collaborate as one human race to build a globe that helps everyone. A globe where wealth, tranquility, harmony, equality as well as love is the norm.

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May 2017 be the year that humanity ends up being truly complimentary, satisfied as well as peaceful with all of life.