transcendental meditation

Last time, we talked about how you can ground your first chakra: the muladhara, or origin chakra. Now, we’re going up the body to the second chakra: the svadisthana, or the sacral chakra.

This chakra is situated in your reduced abdominal areas, between your navel and genitals. Its main features are enjoyment, feelings, and also imagination. Repressing any of these features can cause sleepiness, dependencies, a lack of ability to cope with adjustment, and anxiety. Physical conditions could include neck and back pain, sexual dysfunction, as well as urinary and kidney infections.

Beyond nurturing your body with recovery touch (massage or reiki) and becoming more knowledgeable about your emotions as well as needs, the presents below will open your sacral chakra.

First, ensure that your body is properly heated up with a circulation series. Do 5 to 10 sun salutations, integrating a vinyasa (exhale to chatarangua or knees/chest/chin, inhale to upward-facing canine or cobra, and also breathe out back to downward-facing canine) between each.

Now, let’s carry on to the poses.

guided meditation

Lie on your back, with your feet level on your mat. On an inhale, raise your hips up and your arms up as well as over your head. On an exhale, bring your hips and arms down equally, really feeling each vertebrae push down into the floor. This flow is a turned on bridge position (dvipada pitham). Repeat 5 times.


Roll over onto your stomach. Press your forearms as well as palms into the ground ahead up right into sphinx pose (salamba bhujangasan). Visualize your tailbone moving back and to extend and also protect your reduced back. Remain in this mild backbend for 5 to 10 breaths.

Roll onto your back, pressing your feet versus the floor. Relocate your hips somewhat to the left, after that let your piled knees dropped to the right side for an abdominal twist (jathara parivrtti). Cactus both arms as well as evaluate your left shoulder. If your left shoulder is up off the floor, place a block in between your legs to ground your shoulder. Stay right here for five breaths, then transfer to the other side.


Roll approximately sitting, after that come into a downward-facing pet dog. Raise your ideal leg into a three-legged canine (eka pada adho mukha svanasana), then bring your leg onward, flexing your knee and positioning the ideal side of your calf on the ground. Put a block or blanket below your right thigh if you require a little more assistance. Press your fingers down at hand as well as puff out your upper body, entering a pigeon position (kapotasana). Slowly bring your top body to hinge on the ground. Stay here for 10 breaths, after that turn up into a three-legged canine as well as button to the other side.


Come to lie down on your back with your arms on your side and your feet level on the flooring. Allow your legs drop open into goddess position (supta bodha konasana), with the soles of your feet touching. Put blocks or coverings under your knees for added assistance. Take 10 slow, deep breaths as well as feel the power moving more easily with your sacral chakra.

deepak chopra meditation

Lie down with your forehead or cheek on the mat. Bring your return to hold into your external ankle joints, as well as on an exhale turned up right into bow present (dhanurasana). Attempt to rest more on your reduced abdominal area instead compared to your hips or your ribs. Draw back with your feet to lift yourself even higher. Hold for 3 long breaths and launch. Repeat a 2nd time.