guided meditation

The real change of our time is the revolution of Awareness. This transformation is occurring Currently, in today Moment. There are no strategies, no great leaders in this transformation, only heroes who recognize the transformative progress of the Consciousness and also are open to enable the processes to occur in themselves. This revolution is peaceful and is occurring with no major turmoil. This is the change of the individual, not of the masses. It’s an individual revolution, since it happens inside of the spiritual seeker and it is a secret transformation of the individual.

The Tiny Seed of Truth

The tiny seed of Fact is discovered in every human. Likewise to the seed of a tree, the tiny seed consists of wonderful potentials. If the spiritual Candidate secures and also nurtures that small seed, it will expand right into the magnificent tree of Reality. It could just safeguard as well as nurture it, if it’s conscious of its existence. Just how can the spiritual seeker understand this and also just how could the Reality be revealed?

A whole lot of individuals are not aware of that, and they attempt to discover the Truth outside themselves, on the planet of kinds and forms, wishing making types timeless. The small little seed in us remains inactive, waiting for much better times. The much better times come when the spiritual Candidate understands that all the external forms and forms are transitory, so they turn their interest from the globe of forms to the internal globe. Under the result of transforming internal, the little seed begins to sprout, as well as it starts slowly growing. I renews the spiritual Seeker, and also a deep need occurs in them to see the blossom that the small seed might become.

Then one of the spiritual Applicants might aim to make use of the little grow to decorate his/her ego with it. One more one claims: “Look, there is a lily of the valley growing in me! But I want to be a rose!” In their initiative to end up being a rose, their attention reverses towards the forms as well as types, so the gentle grow dries and the seed goes to sleep again.

That is how the spiritual Applicant has been playing games worldwide of forms and also shapes for a very long time. It is real that the video game is so gorgeous and also relaxing. The spiritual Seeker will soon have preferred video games as well as playthings, along with favorite playing companions. The even more lovely and better toys the spiritual Hunter developeds, the a lot more incredibly they will demand them. If they do not hold on to the playthings, they will hold on to their partners in the video game or to the game itself. By playing these video games, the spiritual Applicant will certainly be entraped in the world of shapes and forms, and the modest little seed will certainly rest forever. When the spiritual Seeker obtains tired of playing, and also during a brief rest turns internal, there is still the risk of stepping on the gentle sprout during the following game.

Some spiritual Applicants collect extra strenght while they spend in the inner silence, and also with renewed pressure they abandon themselves right into the active globe of the forms and shapes. In the internal silence they find a method that prolongs their power and performance in the globe. Normally, it implies that they will be shed also deeper amongst the forms, which eventually brings them new suffering, perhaps even worse than the previous one. They transform internal one even more time, and the whole cycle starts all over again.

This process could be repeated considerably in the life of the spiritual Candidate. Still, the procedure does have its advantage, as the Ego may end up being fed up with it eventually, surrender the initiative and come under the silence. Only the deep-rooted wish for the flower remains in the soul of the wanderer. After that they recognize that the real blossom bed for the little seed is the silence, the non-action, remaining in the alert Consciousness, totally free of concepts. In this internal silence the little seed turns into a lovely flower. The globe of kinds as well as forms sheds its value for the spiritual Hunter. Just the Presence stays as the only reality.

The Turning Inward

The spiritual Candidate’s transforming internal is consequently a prerequisite for the germination of the small seed. Turning inward could be analyzed in a different way by different people, inning accordance with their own conceptual knowledge. Generally, transforming inward means that the individual’s interest is diverted from the world of types as well as forms towards their internal world.

In this analysis, there is a topic that is enjoying and also an internal item (breathing, thought, principle, a conceptual photo of God and so on) that is being viewed. Here the aggravation of the interest is equal to the increase of the duration of the interest. The little seed starts to grow in the interior silence.

The next level of turning inward is when the interest is not focused on inner objects, however on the Awareness sensing it. E. g. when somebody is watching his/her own respiration, eventually their focus will be moved from the act of breathing (which is something outside the subject) to the subject itself (the Awareness enjoying the respiration). One is just able to execute it lastingly when their focus capacity is sufficiently strong, educated by watching inner objects.

In this analysis, heightening attention means that the spiritual Seeker submerges into this Consciousness to an enhancing level. After a while they recognize that the Consciousness they focus their focus on is not yet the Self (at that factor a lot of the spiritual Seekers shed their means), however the Ego (the I-concept, body recognition). The little seed is now growing and coming to be a lot more powerful.

As the power of focus rises, the spiritual Seeker starts to look for where the Ego is emerging from, and exactly what nourishes that Awareness. That is just how they finally go back to the source of the Vanity, which is the Self (the experiencing Presence, the outright Consciousness). Now the little seed is in maturity, providing the spiritual Seeker with its terrific scent, which is the pleasure of Presence itself.

Being a Witness

When the seed is in blossom, the functions of the individuality of the spiritual Candidate, their reactions, the job of the mind remain to exist, but the spiritual Applicant no more means to change them. The spiritual Candidate does not intend to be doing much better or to get a far better function. They plainly enjoy their own responses. They not understand the functions as well as enable the high quality of their reactions to establish their self-image. They learn how to make fun of themselves. As Witnesses they see as well as recognize that the Vanity is just a bundle of conditioned patterns of practices as well as feeling, and because of this, it does not have any type of specific reality.

Intensity is Required for Awakening.

The spiritual Seeker understands that for spiritual Awakening, that is, for the sprouting as well as flowering of the little seed requires intensity in the Currently. Exactly what is that strength offered by? The strength is supplied by the acknowledgment that the spiritual Hunter does not understand the body-mind complicated, however with the conscious Presence of true life. When this acknowledgment penetrates the whole self of the spiritual Candidate, then the intensity needed for spiritual Awakening is all set as well as provided.