As the fourth of the five components, air is the aspect that relocates all points.

Unique to the various other elements, air is not noticeable. Just what is noticeable is its impact on that which is relocated by it: the trees, our bodies, and every little thing in the product world.

In this sequence, there is a focus on moving via space and viewing with individual monitoring (svadhyaya) exactly how we could touch into the movement of the body and also the breath, in both still and also energetic presents, while at the very same time staying deeply rooted (earth), liquid (water), and upward climbing (fire).

This sequence, whether exercised individually of the other 4 elements or in conjunction with them, is an effective method to harness the electrical power of air.

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Begin with a warm-up flow of your choice, and afterwards discover your means right into a standing mountain posture (Tadasana).

Inhale as you elevate your appropriate foot behind you, lining up knees or gently launching the best knee a little behind the left knee. Grasp your the right fit foot or ankle joint with your left hand. Position your the right fit hand on your heart and take three deep breaths, really feeling the refined movement within your breath and also body. Locate an exhale as well as reduced your right foot to the ground. Repeat on the left side.


Lower your left foot to the ground. Take a complete breath, and also on an exhale lift your ideal leg straight out before you, placing your palms together, thumbs adjacent at the heart center.

Lift the chest gently and elevate the crown of your head skyward, sensing the movement that exists in this effective yet straightforward one-legged standing equilibrium. Take 5 breaths below, sensing the activity that lives within the steadiness of the position while wrapping your right hip back and also down as well as raising in and up through the reduced tummy. On the next exhale, lower your appropriate foot to join your left. Repeat this on your left side.

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Inhale at center with your hands at your heart. Exhale and reduced your torso to an ahead fold. Stroll your left distribute in front of your left foot, and also a couple of inches to the outside for assistance.

Raise the ideal leg and open the appropriate hip as the right foot drops toward the left side of the body. Lift the heart and also belly towards the sky as you reach your the right fit hand skyward and afterwards for your best foot or ankle. Take 5 total breaths right here, noticing the upward activity on each inhale, as a leaf is lifted from a resting position. Gaze skyward as you are able.

Find an exhale as you release to a forward fold as well as repeat this position, lifting the left leg.

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Return to your ahead fold and also, on an inhale, go back to a standing present, with your hands at your heart facility.

On an inhale, raise your right knee until the thigh is alongside the ground. Exhale and also rotate from the ribs toward your raised knee, scooping the back of the right knee with your left hand and also positioning your ideal hand on your right hip, best elbow and also gaze routed behind you. Sense your upward relocating spine as you loosen up the muscle mass of your body. Notification the method the left foot grounds you downward as your breath engages to support your equilibrium as well as raise your upper body carefully up.

Take 3 total breaths as well as go back to the forward-facing placement on an inhale. Exhale as you launch your ideal foot to the ground. Repeat this standing on the right leg.

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Return to standing. Exhale as well as release your arms along your sides, palms gently turned forward. Direct your forefinger (air finger) to touch into the idea of the thumb as you lift your appropriate leg subtly behind you on an inhale.

Exhale as you lean ahead and expand your leg behind you, doing your best to keep your right hip parallel to your left hip while raising your reduced stomach. Continue to tip the upper body toward the ground, lifting the best leg towards the sky up until your entire torso gets to a diagonal line from earth to sky.

Take one to three full breaths here. When you prepare, breathe in to lift your upper body and also breathe out as you change your appropriate foot on the gorund, going back to standing. Launch your forefinger from your thumb as well as extend the fingers far from your hands. Take one total breath to ground. Repeat the present on the left side.

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Return to standing. On an inhale, increase your right knee until the upper leg is parallel to the ground.

Extend the leg, stiring up though the appropriate round pile of the foot, spreading out the toes. Inhale as well as get to the left arm to the sky and also slowly start to revolve into your appropriate side, from the chest.

Exhale, growing your rotation, reaching your left hand to your right huge toe as well as unfolding your right arm and also look behind you. Your arm may be straight or slightly here the perspective line, attracting the shoulder blade down your back.

Sense your length as you rise on the inhale into the upright line of the body. Sense the breadth of this impersonate you relax and connect along the horizon on your exhale. Take three complete breaths and also return to your standing pose with hands at the heart as well as breathe out. Repeat this on the left side.


Return to your standing pose, the place where there is both subtle movement and also steadiness. Inhale and also raise your right foot off the ground.

Gradually reach back for your right ankle with both practical the exhale as you push into your palms, engaging your right upper leg muscles as well as prolonging totally with the left leg. Send your vision out along the horizon and also open up the heart as you take three full breaths here, extending the heart facility out and also down along the horizon.

Inhale to prepare and after that gradually release the right foot as well as return to your standing present on an exhale. Take one full equilibrating breath right here and repeat on your left side.


Return to standing. Gradually release both hands to the ground in front of your feet and also pile your shoulder over your hands.

Send your stare out along the perspective as well as elevate a leg of your option. Flutter-kick your legs as you raise into an active scissor-kicking handstand. Regardless of whether you have a handstand practice, you can have fun with the solidity and mobility offered right here.

Sense the air in your lungs and in the activity of this pose. Permit yourself to relocate in and also out of handstand, moving legs as you are able, bending and expanding knees. Concern on your own not with “holding” the handstand, however rather, sense the movement of your body on the ground in this inverted position, as a flag moves atop a flagpole. Notice just how much movement as well as benefit you receive on the quest toward handstand also if the conventional expression of the present is not currently part of your routine technique.

Gradually appeared of gusty handstand position and relax momentarily in a forward fold, taking a breath deeply. Increase once more to standing and feeling the electrical power of “air” to relocate and with you. This is air moving: as pose and also practice, both on and also off the mat.