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Jung thought that our positioning to the globe was a fundamental facet of our character. Jung determined was both contrary ways in which we adapt to, or orient ourselves to, the globe. These are Jung’s attitudes of Extraversion and also Introversion. Extraversion – Our energy moves towards the outer world of individuals, locations as well as things, the globe outside of us. Introversion – Our power approaches the internal world of thoughts as well as concepts, the globe inside of us.

Loneliness vs. Solitude 

As human beings, we are social creatures as well as, without others around us from birth, we would not also be able to remain to life in this globe. Social space plays an important duty in the development of our personality, as the direction of our growth is identified by the expectations of other individuals and our need to fulfill those expectations. That is how we end up being a component of a cumulative, social room called culture, and society receives its unique nature from the society it represents.

The publication of our personal history is composed in this social space, and also our identity is built on the foundation of our personal history. We are surrounded by other people, and their assumptions as well as demands are present in our mind when we are alone. Many people do not understand the difference in between seclusion and being lonely. The seclusion goes to the very same time loneliness for us.

The two words, however, suggest two various situations. Seclusion is the state of the mind, whereas seclusion is the state of the Consciousness.

In the isolated state of awareness of Ego-dominated mind we do not like to be alone, when we are alone, we believe we are lonesome, we find it hard to endure, we try to prevent it. Just how we do it, depends upon our attitude types.

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Extraversion vs. Introversion

Extroverted people focus mainly on social life. When we are alone, we look for buddies, go to celebrations, since we prefer to share our enjoyments and also sadness with others.

Introverted individuals, on the various other hand, tolerate isolation a lot better, they prefer to be alone. They turn towards their interior globe (ideas as well as feelings). They are not alone, though, as other individuals exist in their mind in the kind of their viewpoints as well as assumptions. When they turn internal, they chat, suggest with the viewpoints of others, as well as assess the reactions of others.

For an outside observer, an introverted individual might seem to be alone, however there is generally a whole little team in the head of the individual. When a shy person is alone, they look for some task to occupy themselves in order to prevent the undesirable sensations that come with isolation. They are qualified of viewing TV for hrs, or use work as an escape route.

The Gift of Solitude


Why do people so frantically escape from loneliness, from being alone?

Because we do not recognize ourselves, so we do not like being alone. When we are lonesome, we must deal with the truth that our entire individuality is pretence, and also our whole identity is built upon false structures.

Even if these sentences are not created so specifically in our mind when we get on our own, the anxiety and depression conquering us represent that there is something wrong with us. We feel lonely, so we leave so as to discover shelter among others or in our own thoughts from the negative emotions.

We feel lonely due to the fact that we have lots of insistence. We demand our personal identity, our own background, where the major roles are constantly played by others. Privacy is a threat to the structures of our identity.

It holds true that during our life we are typically surrounded by other individuals, and also we live our life as participants of the culture, but deep inside we remain different, isolated people for the entire of our life. Really deep inside we are born alone, live alone and we die alone. Being alone like that is a state we take solitude.

Only the awakening of the Awareness is capable of placing an end to that sense of seclusion rooted in our original isolation. Only when we have actually experienced that Miracle, do we identify that isolation is our natural state, in which the independent, still all-penetrating Visibility shines on.