Was Michelangelo inscribing a secret message into the Sistine Church, hoping humankind would understand it later, when the Catholic Church really did not have as much power as it did throughout the time of the Renaissance?

Silvio Goren just recently released a publication that asks some crucial inquiries about Michelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel.

Other brilliant musicians are renowned for putting “secret” messages right into their job – Leonardo Da Vinci usually created even his notes backwards to make sure that only one of the most sophisticated mind might decipher them.

He felt that several of his inventions were as well powerful, and should they fall right into the hands of the military, they could be made use of for nefarious purposes – the other objective he desired. Was Michelangelo of the very same mindset?

Goren is a professor that examined Conservation and also Repair. He mentions that,

” Michelangelo painted the Sistine Church in the 16th century, a time when both religious beliefs and scientific research thought to hold the outright truth.”

Michelangelo finished his help Pope Sixtus IV, who appointed the job. The Sistine Church obtained its name from the holy place of Solomon that as soon as relaxed on Jerusalem’s Holy place Mount, according to the Old testament.

He did his work alone, and Michelangelo painted the ceiling working tirelessly for 4 years. He began at the entry of the church, and completed his masterpiece above the altar – and also this is where it obtains interesting. In the last scene, Michelangelo illustrates God dividing light from darkness.

The artist likewise highlighted God’s neck. Is this all component of his hidden message? The musician plainly paintinged this portion of the painting with just as much intent as well as focus as all his various other works of art.

Why is the neck so oddly painted?

Researchers like Goren recommend that if one were to consider the human brain as one would see it from below, the lines of God’s neck appear to fit precisely right into the features of the human brain.

Ian Suk as well as Rafael Tamargo, in their paper in the clinical journal, Neurosurgry pertained to the same final thought. Suk and Tamargo are experts in neuroanatomy at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. They claim Michelangelo’s depiction is a perfect dissection of the human brain – concealed in ordinary sight – in God’s neck.

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As Scientific American recommends,

Meshberger speculates that Michelangelo bordered God with a shadow standing for the human mind to recommend that God was endowing Adam not just with life, yet likewise with supreme human knowledge. Currently in an additional panel The Separation of Light from Darkness (revealed at left), Suk and also Tamargo have actually discovered much more. Leading up the center of God’s upper body as well as creating his throat, the researchers have discovered a precise depiction of the human back cord as well as brain stem.”

What specifically do these secret physiological images repainted by Michelangelo suggest though?

Could it be that the wizard Michelangelo was aiming to show male’s ascension right into a Godly being? Was he attempting to wrestle dogma from both science and religion to tell us that we have the possible to be something more?

What supreme human intelligence did God gift mankind with?

If we look at the old scriptures that define a kundalini awakening where limitless spiritual power is released create the root of the spine as well as takes a trip up the back column to bring power to the pineal gland in the center of the mind – it appears apparent just what Michelangelo is attempting to say – no religion, no science can keep mankind from rising spiritually.

This is our gift it has actually already been given. The Catholic church as well as other faiths have aimed to conceal this birthright from us, but also Michelangelo aimed to its reality more than 500 years ago.

He is directing the means – fairly actually, to conscious ascension, as it takes place via the mechanism of the human spinal cord and also brain.

This sensation is explained in numerous ways in old literature (some of it most likely still hidden in the Vatican’s archives, today.) When balanced prana flows in Sushumna, (the spinal column) we reach God-mind, a deep abiding understanding that we are one with every little thing, and also all is in our power to produce whatever we want. This is called Sat Note Ananda.

Our minds end up being free of specific practices that were set (just like in the Matrix, which is truly a docudrama of our awakening awareness, not a sci-fi flick) and also we come to be “full” spiritual beings.

We realize that we are infinite, infinite, as well as perfect. This is the great key that Michelangelo was aiming to conceal within his breathtaking working from the Sistine Church. Can you see it?

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