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What person enters your mind when you hear words like reiki, witch doctor, crystals, chakras, and sage?

For a long time, I promptly cringed at the thought of tie-dye tee shirts, dreadlocks, and also– gasp!—hairy armpits. Per their very own, yet I would certainly instead maintain my ‘hippie’ wellness hacks a secret compared to be connected with descriptors like those.

Words like manicures and brunch, well, they simply really felt much more comfortable– even if they really did not actually mesh with my morning Palo Santo-burning ritual or my daily chakra-clearing sessions. It was ALRIGHT. No person needed to learn about those practices. I mored than happy in my secret life of hippie.

That was, certainly, up until I wasn’t.

Being a young lady in a male-dominated company office can be hard sufficient, I really did not need an additional need to not be taken seriously.

I gradually came to realize that while I loved going into conference rooms and whipping out my spreadsheets to work with realities, I was likewise 123 percent much more productive, happy, as well as healthy and balanced when I went to regular energy-healing sessions. If colleagues asked just what maintained me tranquil, well, my lips were secured on that one. It seemed like I was embeded an identification contest of strength.

I was also self-conscious to discuss exactly how BodyTalk had changed my life– would certainly others believe I was losing the plot? Being a young female in a male-dominated corporate office could be hard sufficient, I really did not need one more need to not be taken seriously. On the other side, I was embarrassed to allow my healers see exactly how ambitious I was and as much as they aided me, I always maintained a healthy dosage of suspicion.

My two identities concerned head one evening when I was out with a team of good friends and somebody at the table started inquiring about crystals and also medicine men. Readily, I piped up.

‘ Oh yeah, I’ve been utilizing that things for many years. It’s sooooo gooooood.’

Cue the silence. Yep, jaws dropped. Of all the individuals at the supper, I was the last one any person anticipated to be into anything ‘woo-woo.’ However I remained in for a charming surprise: After gathering themselves, my friends responded not with judgment or amazement yet with interest. Blissful, helpful curiosity.

Embrace that the globe isn’t black and white. It’s concerning 3,472,198 tones of gray, and you reach choose the best one for you.

I’m certain I’m not the only one who has had a hard time with balancing logic and also rationale with power and spirituality. So just what’s my suggestions for fixing the dispute between the different parts of your life? Well, you embrace that the globe isn’t really black and white. It has to do with 3,472,198 shades of grey, as well as you reach choose the perfect one for you.

Yep, you can come to be a part-time hippie and own it.

Can it be distressing to tip right into who you actually are? Heck yes! It definitely had not been simple for me to go from a super-corporate task to running Hidden Hippie, a service based on recovery crystals. However was it worth it? Wooooow guy, YES.

The moment I stepped into possessing just what really felt right for me is the moment the magic truly started to occur. Resistance floated away, doors I really did not even know existed opened up, life began to flow. Inbound press questions? Sure. Cooperations with heavyweights? Uh-huh. Invites to talk at exclusive events? Yes. And most significantly, my anxiety degrees dropped, my health and wellness enhanced, as well as I really felt a sense of calm I had not experienced in years. Is all of it a piece of cake? No, but being my genuine self makes it much easier to browse.

In short, it’s OK to transform. The individual you were five years earlier most likely isn’t the exact same individual you are today. Nor will certainly you be the very same person in Ten Years. And also that’s a good idea since it suggests you have actually grown. If somebody had informed me also Twelve Month ago that I ‘d be concealing crystals in bras and ponytails, I would certainly have laughed and seriously questioned their sanity. Currently, I wouldn’t alter it for the world.

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