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It’s officially #revitalize 2016 week.

Yep, it holds true: We’re just 5 days away from bringing together top leaders in the wellness as well as wellness space for one superb weekend break. We cannot wait to learn through inspiring speakers like Amanda Chantal Bacon (who started L.A.’s super popular Moon Juice Shop) and also all-natural beauty alchemist Shiva Rose, together with renowned doctors, witch doctors, as well as so lots of others. The weekend break will certainly additionally include an equipping workout with Todd McCullough, reflection with Light Watkins, and also appearances by top athletes.

It do without saying that we’re past delighted to get the weekend break going. Also if you can not join us in Arizona, you could still participate! Register here to access your free overview of rejuvenate your weekend, featuring behind-the-scenes access to live events at #revitalize 2016! Consisted of: fitness pointers, recipes, reflections, and also more.

We’re so close! Begin getting pumped with a few of our favored clips from previous revitalize events.

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