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Have you ever before considered that just the minute of Now exists really?

There is no past, just memories, as well as there is no future either, only creative imaginations – the past and also future are emotional concepts. Still, we often tend to ponder over the remains of the past, or stress over times to find. We are straying in the past and future, yet we are just unconsciously present at where we truly are: here and now!

Oh, how marvelous of a sensation it is to go treking on your day of rest after a stressful week of job. You play volley ball, football, stir and also taste the soup, your face is caressed delicately by the warm sunlight, the grass is soft and smooth, the birds are chirping, everything is wonderful. You are carefree, you delight in the moments of existence.

You do not ponder on the past, do not imagine the future, yet you exist, you live, you are radiating with joy. But just what pain it is, when the Sunlight sets, you show up house as well as the lovely experience ends. Your head is humming and loaded again with numerous responsibilities and also problems – the magic is gone.

When you completely surrender on your own to the existing minute, you become completely untroubled. However when your focus not embraces the here and now, you are mosting likely to be attracted again into the whirlpool of the mind’s unclear thoughts.

Many individuals could assume, that today minute is quite brief, an interval lasting just awhile, as well as the entire timeline is composed of great deals of, possibly definitely a lot of these swiftly passing moments.

Actually, that is wrong.

The truth is: there is absolutely nothing else compared to the existing minute, the eternity of Now.

When you are asked the inquiry “Who are you?”, you put your thoughts together and answer something such as this:

” You know, I’m a 28 years old woman, a workplace worker, mommy of 2. I have actually found out below and also there, after that I began functioning, and also now I’m doing this which. I invest my spare time with this and that. I like cooking, drinking delicious drinks and also seeing fascinating movies.” The mind is given candy, confidence that it should describe itself as full and also as outlined as possible. It can speak about itself, concerning “my” story, in which “I” play the leading function, and at the exact same time “I” am additionally the center of my world.

The mind begins an unlimited jabber – it tells exactly what it believes to itself and regarding itself. This is me: my story. It recalls memories, and also from those that are considered as the most vital ones, it sets up, adds with each other an identity. It edits from the more crucial memories, a film of the “past” – this is me, this is my past. In fact, all that was remembered is only a memory – pertaining to the mind’s fantastic capability to bear in mind. When we are remembering, we do it now, in today moment. We are remembering our memories now, not in the past. When the occasion, called the past occurred, it took place Currently, during that time. It has actually never ever happened that it had not been Now.

” At some time, when I have actually reached this goal, I will certainly be satisfied. If I have enough cash, I will be satisfied. When I will show up, when I’ll be made.” – daydreams the mind. Of course, the minute will never come, when the mind would say: “Every little thing is all. I am great, I could rest. Every little thing is ideal, whole and total. I am delighted.”

The minds imitates that clever senior, for whom Fatality showed up with his scythe, yet the elderly intended to make an offer with him:

-Death, I will not opt for you now. Tomorrow I will surely opt for you. And to seal my guarantee, appearance, I write it here onto the door frame, that “Tomorrow I will go with Death.”

Tomorrow never came, since the next day is additionally “today” – and “tomorrow” is constantly a day later, till eternity.

The future is a phantom, a collection of memories. When I’m planning the future, or fret about it, I’m doing it Currently, not in an uncertain moment.

I’m remembering the previous Currently, as well as I’m creating mind photos about the times in advance (concerning the future). The past is only made of dead memories, and also the future is only a personal imagination – everything happens Now. Every solitary thing, when they happen, they take place Now. Nothing ever has taken place at once, that was not Now, and also absolutely nothing will certainly ever take place, that would take place at a time other than Now. Life happens in the Now, all is Now.

The sole truth is constantly in the Currently. The Now is eternal.

And when you recognize the infinity of Currently comprehensive, you likewise understand that you need to look for happiness not in the future, now. Happiness is Now.

Because whatever is occurring Now, and also in this moment, with each thought of mine and with my body, I’m growing the seeds of the occasions of the “future”, for that reason, the wisest point to do is to totally welcome today minute. The events are happening in this minute, Currently, everything is frequently transforming, as well as if I am not mindful enough, I will certainly miss out on the concealed experiences and possibilities of the existing moment.

If I guide my attention to the instant moment, emphasis on the existence, I will certainly take the entirety in, as a relaxed, cheerful onlooker, I will certainly view the modifications that took area in it, and I will smoothly assimilate, end up being a component of the changes. I will certainly come to be a part of life, a mindful individual of the Now.

In the Eastern spiritual trainings, the practicing of the presence is offered stressed focus. The Zen – which is just one of the purest branches of Buddhism – utilizes the symbol of a raised finger.

According to a Zen koan (tale):

The pupil was strolling along with the master on the field. He grew made use of to it, that during the strolls, the master was not ready to utter a single word, but instead concentrated on his elegant actions and also got lost in the observation of nature’s beauty. On this day, the self-control shed his perseverance: there as well as after that, he quickly wanted to understand the trick of enlightenment.

” Master” the self-control imploringly damaged the silence “please inform me, exactly how can I be enlightened?”

The master didn’t respond to, yet considered him with beaming eyes, he gestured with his finger in front of his lips: “ssht!” And afterwards he quietly increased his aiming finger, and advised his self-control:

” Pay attention! Simply eavesdrop silence!”

The discipline did not comprehend the message. He’s been hoping for the trick of knowledge since years, and also his master – rather of informing him with trainings – suggests him to be quiet and listen. “This is unbearable!” he fulminated versus his master in his head.

“But master!”

The master answered quietly:

” Do you hear the whispering of the far-off stream and also the buzzing of the fly? Exactly what an impressive harmony!”

Another stunning tale likewise calls interest to the elegances of the current moment.

An average guy took a walk in the forest on a stunning, hot summer season day. He picked strawberries, collected mushrooms as well as looked mesmerized at the magic of the forest’s shades as well as tones. But suddenly he listened to a substantial clomping originating from behind his back. As well as exactly what did he see? A massive brown bear stood encountering him, callous and also starving. Rapidly, our man jumps on the move, starts running. He runs as well as runs, up until he gets to the edge of the cliff. Exactly what could he do? What could he do? There’s a savage bear behind him, and also in front of him is a rift. The situation is helpless. Yet suddenly, he saw a crispy ripe strawberry existing in the lawn. He chose it with his fingers, tasted it and stated:

” Oh, how flavorful this strawberry is!”