what is meditation

There are 3 transformational procedures within the advancement of the Consciousness. These are, as a matter of fact, 3 levels of advancement. At these different levels of advancement the state and also functions of the Awareness show entirely various indicators. If we know these particular signs, we could easily recognize exactly what state of development of the Consciousness we remain in: common Awareness, awakening or the level of complete freedom. Where is Your Spirit on the Course of Consciousness Evolution?

1.  Ordinary Consciousness

This is the lowest level of the evolutional process of the Awareness. Average Consciousness is rooted in, as well as preys on, . The here and now moment is much less crucial for it, it is just a portal leading to a future we wish for. Future is only an improved and improved version of the past, a future in which we will succeed in the all the things where we have actually stopped working in the past. For normal consciousness, just previous and also future exist, it stays in those as well as preys on those.

In that state of Consciousness the appreciation and also opinion of others are crucial for us. We desire to satisfy the assumption directed at us, we are pleased to play the social duties that are determined by our community. We flourish to be good parents, a good partner or better half, valuable staff members and also legislation following people. Our willingness to play these duties is caused by our full identification with those duties. Our whole indentity is accordinged to those roles. We do not seek true responses to the inquiry “Who am I?,” we are material to be told that by others.

In the state of regular Awareness, the dominant character of our life is the Vanity, we wish to make it bigger, brighter and extra private. That is why we are finding out, collecting knowledge from others, until the end of our life, in the idea that we will thus come to be increasingly more intelligent. Still, we become less and also less self-confident, and also we do not have sufficient nerve to face the obstacles of life on our own. We for that reason need a guide, an assistance. We do not long for full flexibility, we follow pre-determined regulations and also respect authority.

2.  Spiritual Awakening

The arrival of that degree is shown by moments in our life when we get up from our regular life, as well as recognize the truth that we in reality live in the bondage of our thoughts, emotions as well as social duties. Under the effect of those minutes, an extensive wish for freedom and also reality emerges in us. We after that start to look for the courses resulting in the wanted flexibility. We intend to come to be extra mindful as well as alert, to find the truth for ourselves about who we are and also just what our mission on the planet is.

We no more intend to obey the old rules, old leaders, traditions and authorities. We no much longer accept prefabricated, used concepts as well as explanations. We are not all set to depend on the opinion of others any a lot more. Instead, we wish to acquire understanding and experience from the world for ourselves. We get a kick out of uncovering brand-new things, as well as we get started on brand-new trips without fear.

It is at that degree that real self-constraint is produced in us. This self-constraint is not rooted in worry of penalty or hope of benefit. Lots of people are able to create a high level of self-constraint in the worry of Heck or the hope of Heaven, or simply because they desire to function with each other with something they consider larger compared to themselves. That kind self-discipline will, nevertheless, only create temporary outcomes, since it is the accordinged to reductions. Its maintenance needs constant effort from us. If, somehow, the degree of initiative declines, the suppressed desires, rage and emotions break out, causing us much more suffering.

Real self-discipline is not born in us from suppression, yet out of the recognition and understanding of the significance of Life. That sort of self-discipline will certainly liberate our Awareness from the state of recognition with the globe of Shapes as well as Forms. It will certainly produce a room between us as well as the functions of the Mind, as well as because room the ability of seeing and also recognizing will be born.

Real self-discipline does not have any type of policies, and there is no one around to inform us the best ways to do that. Everyone has to produce that self-control in themselves with no exterior stress, depositing all sort of authorities, and utilizing their very own individual experience. Everything created for us by others is temporal, however what we create for ourselves will certainly be enduring and also permanent. Everyone should locate himself or herself what they is looking for.

 3. Complete Freedom

This is the highest peak in the evolution of the Consciousness. One of the most vital characteristic function of this level is performance, the approval of the here and now minute, a visibility to the existence, and a celebration of life.

In that state of Awareness a completely new dimension of Presence opens up for us, revealing us Existence from a completely new viewpoint. The unity behind the controversies is revealed in front of our eyes, as well as we not insist on looking on the warm side of life, as we have the ability to uncover appeal on the dark side, too.

We accept life as it is, as well as it is not done under stress, because that acceptance is the result of our total liberty. The flexibility is, subsequently, a fruit of our retreat from the globe of Shapes as well as Forms. We have actually comprehended as well as experienced the procedure of awakening. The moment has actually come for us to take control over our mind whenever it is called for by the situations. When we do not require the work of the mind straight, let us provide it some rest.

Everything will be silent and relaxed in us. We are past all excellent and also bad, we are a simple Consciousness that does not analyse or evaluate, just considers. We recognize that the exact same contemplating heart lives in everybody, so the distinctions in between human beings are just superficial, and also deep inside we are all the same. Experiencing that unity will bring us the extasis of Life, the best joy of Existence.