A soap bubble may serve as a great icon of our individual, separate presence, as it borders as well as safeguards us, however at the exact same time completely separates us from the outside fact as well as the various other “soap bubble” people. We might attempt to get closer to fact or to one more individual, yet we are never able to reach them, as there is the wall surface of the soap-bubble. We are only able to see fact and the other individuals with the wall of the soap-bubble, which is tinted to different shades by our point of views and also desires.

Three Basic Motivational Factors

According to humanistic psychology, we have three standard inspirational factors that identify the birth of individuality. One is the have to belong to someone, the other is the demand of safety, as well as the 3rd is the requirement of appreciation.

These demands or demands show up in our life in the order listed above, and also they are hierarchically linked to every other. It means that the requirement of security only comes to be crucial when our should come from somebody has actually currently been satisfied, at least to a minimum level. The demand of recognition will certainly be important when we currently belong to somebody (it could be a specific or a team), and also our need of safety and security, stability has actually been satisfied to a certain degree.

Satisfying these needs is of main relevance for us, as they give the structures for our individual existence as well as individual identity.

All this additionally recommends that our personal identity is essentially social, as belonging to someone, safety and recognition all depend on other people.

 The foundations of our individuality are constructed in the initial years of our life, when we are embedded in the culture of our household. Our parents are the ones that aid us satisfy our demands, as well as in this way lay down the structure rocks of our different, specific existence.


In the Safety of our Soap-Bubble Castle

Our parents as well as teachers “blow up” the soap-bubble for us, when they satisfy our initial requirements, and we soon regard our soap-bubble as our own personal identity. During our life, we develop the soap-bubble into a soap-bubble castle that we regard as safe. Since we have no idea that we are soap-bubble individuals, we are greatly happy of our very own soap-bubble, the construction diary which is added to our very own individual history.

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Our soap-bubble castle does not stand alone in some desert, it stands in one of the streets of a great soap-bubble town, near the various other soap-bubble castles, as the demand to come from a person, our needs of safety and security and also of gratitude will only be pleased in communication with other soap-bubble people.

But, consequently of our soap-bubble existence, all these requirements will certainly never ever be totally pleased, as the wall surfaces of our soap-bubbles do not enable real connection and contact with others.

The wall surfaces of the soap-bubble are developed by our feeling of splitting up which predestines us to everlasting seclusion, also if there are hundreds of various other soap-bubble individuals around us in our soap-bubble community. In order to reduce the discomfort of isolation, we enhance our soap-bubble presence with wonderful pictures constructed from the individuality of our life, and we load publications with nice tales of our life. The images, the tales and also the alleged security of the soap-bubble community lull us into a false feeling of protection, right into a beautiful dream.

False Sense of Safety

There are numerous indicators in our life that show how false our feeling of safety and security is. One sich indication is the complication in our relationships with other individuals. This complication is produced the truth that as soap-bubble people we will never be able to totally understand the others, and will certainly never ever be able to enter into real contact with them.

We are only able to contact other individuals with the walls of our soap-bubble, however the wall surface is tinted into different, misshaping colours by our desires and also viewpoints. The misshaping layer of colours will certainly be thicker and also thicker in the training course of our life, making the initially transparent walls an increasing number of challenging to see via. We consequently never ever see truth itself, however just something that our team believe is reality.

Every single private created their own private reality this way, and also the fact therefore developed is various from all the various other private realities.

As there are no 2 identicial individual realities, the truths, when enter call, commonly hit each various other. Naturally, there are realities which are similar to each other, as well as the pressure of collision is smaller when such realities satisfy, as well as it is likely that they have the ability to enter into a compromise and also produce an area in the soap-bubble town where they take pleasure in a greater feeling of safety.

Another sign that points at the weak points of our feeling of safety and security is the worry of fatality, which exists in every person.

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Enveloped in the incorrect feeling of security of our soap-bubble castle, we are all worried of fatality, which will certainly put an end to our soap-bubble presence. The large unidentified arrives, as well as ruptures our soap-bubble castle in an instant.

We could pretend that death does not exist, that after death we will certainly remain in a bigger soap-bubble, or the master that blows the soap-bubbles will certainly shield us from perishing.

These tales only minimize our worry of fatality somewhat, but will certainly not completely get rid of it.

The End of the Soap-Bubble Existence

What has the ability to put an end to the soap-bubble existence?

The first step is the acknowledgment that our existence is built on false structures, that there is something incorrect with it.

Without realizing that, we so strongly relate to our soap-bubble existence that we consider that as our fundamental and natural state.

But if we begin to awaken from the desire of our soap-bubble presence, we recognize soon that there is something incorrect with us in the world around us. The adhesive binding us to the world of kinds and also forms begins to thaw away, a space, smaller sized or bigger, is produced in us and-detached from the kinds and shapes-we are able to ponder the forces establishing our individual life as eyewitnesses.

Now we recognize that this soap-bubble life, this separate globe does not exist at all, it has only been developed by our recognition with thoughts, forms and also forms.

The commitment and prompt to accumulate an individual identification generates this separation, this soap-bubble around us virtually instantly. Culture after that feeds and also maintains the separation.

What are we without our personal identity?

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When we awaken from the sleep of personal identity we identify that we are the free space of the Awareness. We are not similar with the forms and types showing up in this area, but we are the room itself, the area that makes it possible for the kinds as well as shapes to appear as well as that maintains the forms and forms alive.