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In our days the Facebook generation have actually debuted on the rotating stage of life. The Facebook generation started in 1996 with Facebook and its participants are born today, also. They are usually called “turn of the turn of the century generation,” and one of the most current term is “electronic natives.”

They have expanded up with the new innovations (computer, smart phone, Net), and also they are barely able to picture their life without these. The companies provided by the new technologies are component of their day-to-day life, they are conveniently at home in the on-line globe of the Net. Belonging to virtual communities (e. g. Facebook) is more vital for them compared to building individual connections.

They spend much less and much less time reading, and an increasing number of time playing computer video games. They are able to inhabit themselves with several things concurrently, they are used to receiving big amounts of information in a brief time. But the means they manage details has been changed, as the large amounts of information they obtain online is overwhelming, and they do not have time to process and organize it. A lot of it soon sheds reality, so extremely frequently individuals do not keep in mind the info itself, however the means of accessing it. For them, info must be interesting, and not a lot its truth or accuracy.

In this method, they receive a great deal of details that is unsuited to their age, as well as they are emotionally not able to deal with it. The quick stream of details leaves no time at all for people to process and prepare it, fresh shared details is coming in from minute to minute, and as a result of the lack of meta-communication, the details itself is typically misunderstood.

The human Mind has actually been conditioned by traditions as well as social assumptions for centuries. The conditioned patterns of behaviour make up individuality and also give the foundations for human behaviour.

Nowadays, nevertheless, the “Facebook generation” is a lot harder to condition in the old methods, since for them traditions-religious or social-are a lot lesser than these were for the previous generations.

It is carefully related with the fact that the mind of the brand-new generation is much more available to brand-new things, and also the handling of the immense amounts of info needs a totally new attitude and also mind-set. The safe sanctuary of practices is currently lost, the visibility of the new generations make them revealed and also prone in the stream of large quantities of information.

The Collection of our Masks

 In our life we often tend to cover our real face with a collection of masks. Our individuality is the list of our numerous masks. We promptly placed on one of those masks whenever we are not alone. Whenever there is an additional individual in the space with us, one of our masks is instantly chosen our face, matching the situation and the other person.

We ourselves have developed these masks subconsciously, drunk of our moms and dads as well as educators, during our life. As a child we made initiatives to meet all the numerous assumptions of culture reaching us with our parents and educators. Perhaps the initial of these masks is that of the “good youngster” mask, as our conditioned us to the behavioural patterns of a great child. As we grow up, the number of our masks start to enhance steadily.

In our everyday life, we need a broad array of masks, as we experience a huge number of different scenarios and people, and we have an appropriate mask for every circumstance. We often tend to behave in a different way with our manager or with our subordinates, with our kids, with our husband and better half, with our friends and also with our adversaries. Our identity is as a result made up by the list of our masks that we reveal to the outdoors globe, as well as extremely usually we are not also mindful of that. These mask were imposed after us by culture, and also after a while we start to identify with the masks. We have actually at some point totally related to the masks.

The on-line world also better boosts the number of our masks, as it supplies us the possibility to assume a brand-new identification, that is, the on the internet personality. This is the mask that we stand up in front of us when we are on the internet. A great deal of us have several of such masks, satisfying the needs of the specific online communities we remain in link with. The on the internet masks utilized in the online world play a progressively vital role at the new generation, the Facebook-community when they develop their own identity.

 The online individuality is necessary to shield its bearer against the dangers of the brand-new globe, or to place the bearer right into a setting that the person would never be able to accomplish in the real world.

At increasingly more members of the Facebook generation we witness that they progressively relate to their online personality. These masks are so very closely connected to them, the individuals so highly determine with their masks that they have alrwady forgotten their original face. It affects the connection of these individuals with others.

Supermarket and also the Santa Claus Feeling

 Our genuine identification is, nonetheless, hidden deeply under these masks. The adhesive of identification solutions these day-to-day masks on us so strongly that we feel practically totally the like the masks. The persistence of the Facebook-generation on their masks is a whole lot more powerful compared to the way most average individuals stay with their very own day-to-day masks.

The reason that they have the tendency to demand their a masks a lot more powerfully compared to other people is that these young individuals do not require to face the frustrations and suffering of the actual world, as they can be any person in the dreams of the cyberworld. If they dislike any one of their on-line masks, they could swiftly make a brand-new one, or they are existing in the online world with a number of masks, also opposing ones, at the very same time. They immerse into a globe that they have themselves produced and where their opportunities are unlimited. That is how they drift further as well as further away from the Wonder, as well as sink even deeper into a desire, a cyber-dream.

 Some young people, nonetheless, have currently gotten to the limits of that cyber-dreamworld, as well as they discuss weird experiences.

I have actually recently read the confessions of 2 adolescent young boys regarding how they see the globe currently and also what their suggestions concerning it are.

One of them says the following:

”I called my experience the supermarket-feeling. Not that it conquers me in supermarkets just. Sometimes I have it at school parties or in the middle of a railway terminal. I do not assume I notice it coming, or it overcomes me because I do one certain point that triggers it, it merely occurs. I am standing there in a grocery store, and lots of people with their shopping trolleys march before me-the whole life. While I am standing there, I seem like sobbing. There is just one question left in me there, and that is: ‘Why?”

The confession of one more young person:

” Do you remember, when we were lastly informed that Santa Claus was not actual, it was just a large video game, in which everybody participated, moms and dads, educators, older brothers, definitely everyone? Just when the large secret was disclosed, were we able to go back to our typical everyday tasks, without playing functions and murmuring right into ears behind the rear of others. I saw the globe in a similar method. Everything was really strange, like a huge game, that was the only way maybe, as well as in no other method. Everybody cooperated, everybody played their duty extremely well. Every human, the Planet, the seas and also the stars, was included in the wonderful video game. Just I was not, not. I unconsciously realized, an increasing number of plainly, that I had to await that discovery. I started to hope highly that I would be able to see through the scene, and after that real life would certainly start for me. Yet, in contrast to the story of Santa Claus, nobody ever before calls you to tall you the secret. I had to make the discovery myself, I made sure. Just then would the complication about appearance and also reality clear up. There is nothing else way.”

The Awakening of the Facebook Generation

The admissions over show that the young people unconsciously sensed that the masks-no matter exactly how common they are-false, they do not belong to these masks, and also it is not the masks that constitute their actual identity. They also sensed that nobody was mosting likely to reveal them the escape of the psychological complication in connection with look and reality, and also they themselves needed to discover it.

If you likewise come from the Facebook generation, it is necessary to pay attention to these feelings and also do not simply disregard them offhand.

These emotions show that the Consciousness that is inactive in your existing state of regular consciousness, starts to wake up, and also not determines with the forms as well as shapes.

This awakening suggests that your nicely created and also purportedly impenetrable individuality starts to collapse as well as you locate on your own in an empty room, where you have the ability to witness the dancing of kinds and also forms like an exterior observer. This is experiencing the Wonder, the seeing Presence.

This encounter, this Existence is the gateway you may tip through in the direction of the Miracle, to the quiet of your real Self. That is why it is important that you need to not be terrified of that encounter, do not begin to reconstruct your previous identity, do not be closed right into the common means of the mind. Stay in the experience, as well as submit to the Wonder of Consciousness!

From the publication: Frank M. Wanderer: The Biggest Challenge to Knowledge: How you can Getaway from the Prison of Mind Games?