The growth of the human spirit has three phases. This development begins with sepatazed ego, “me” as well as finishes in the vacuum of Consciousness.

1. Stage. EGO –The Unconscious Patterns of the Mind

The Vanity is the central figure of our individual record, based upon the past as well as checking out the future. The elements of the Ego are thoughts, feelings, memories (with which the individual recognizes as ‘my tale”), taken care of unconscious functions as well as collective identifications (race, religious beliefs, and so on). Lots of people totally relate to these elements of the Vanity, and for them no self ‘outside” of this exists.

Our recognition with the Vanity makes us as a result someone, a personality. Because around us everybody thinks about the Ego as the most essential centre of their life, we are additionally raised by our moms and dads to have a powerful Ego, a centrepoint in our life, by the time we reach their adult years. That is why we constantly view the various other individuals, we compare as well as measure ourselves to them. All that time, we additionally attempt to adjust our actions and acts to the expectations and opinions of others. We keep taking care of the past and the future, as well as we never ever have enough time to stop as well as discover the tremendous impression behind our life. On the various other hand, our identification with the Ego will be the origin of all our troubles and misery.

2. Stage. ALERTNESS – Gate to Infinity

The entrance leading us to the much deeper dimensions of Life is Alertness, which looks like a result of the release of our focus from the hypnotic state of paying attention to our individual tale. The new Awareness allows us to discover ourselves without relating to our ideas as well as emotions.

What we first experience in this brand-new, sharp state past our ideas and also emotions is the completeness of existence. Because state all fragmentation vanishes from our life, we acknowledge the internal spaciousness of our presence, our inner happiness and tranqulity. We feel comfortable in our very own skin, and also we recognize that our alert consciousness is totally free from all kinds of thoughts and also emotions. We then might determine whether we desire to continue to pay attention to our individual tale, or we move even more on, in the direction of the quiet structures of our existence.

3. Stage. CONSCIOUSNESS – Your Spiritual Home

The disappearance of thoughts leaves an entrance open for us to experiencing real reality. Along with the ideas, the Ego, the self also goes away, and the truth of I am radiates out bright.

Everything will certainly be peaceful and relaxed in us. We are beyond all excellent and also wicked, we are a mere Awareness that does not assess or judge, just ponders. We recognize that the exact same contemplating heart lives in everybody, so the differences in between humans are only shallow, and deep inside we are just the same. Experiencing that unity will certainly bring us the euphoria of Life, the excellent happiness of Presence.

Through eviction of the Alertness

 Leave Behind Yourself

 The Unconscious Patterns of the Mind

 And Return (Back) to Your Spiritual House (Consciousness)’