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While the majority of us commemorate the New Year on January initial, Tibetans in the Shambhala custom just began a lunar New Year on February 27th which lasts several days, consisting of celebrations into March. This lunar New Year is respected as the Year of the Firebird, and also we remain in for rather a trip, inning accordance with ancient Tibetan astrology.

The Tibetan lunar New Year is determined inning accordance with the Tibetan lunar calendar, making use of old understanding of astrology, and modifications each year to accompany the lunar cycle. Tibetan and also Chinese Brand-new Year start on various dates.

The fire penis (or paradise bird) in the Tibetan tradition represents Venus and also Jupiter, with qualities emphasized for the duration of the year such as: optimism, intelligence, accuracy, organization, self-esteem, and also the perfection of skills as well as intent. This year and every lunar year notes a chance to come to be extra conscious, and to mirror on the events of the previous twelve months. The New Year is additionally referred to as Losar: lo meaning “year, age” and sar meaning “new, fresh.”

Tibetans integrate 12 animal indicators (mouse, ox, tiger, bunny, dragon, snake, horse, lamb, monkey, bird, pet dog and also pig) with the five aspects (timber, fire, earth, metal as well as water) to create a 60-year cycle. They believe that the impact of the Lunar New Year could significantly shape our consciousness.meditations

Tibetan cultures were steeped in necromancy as well as renowned for their uncanny psychic capacity to comprehend the way celestial occurrences influence us.

Nothing rather stands for a brand-new beginning compared to the fire bird, with similar Campbellian archetypes which are similar, such as the phoenix az. This is the icon of rejuvenation. The phoenix, like the fire bird is an imperious, self-rejuvenating bird that reincarnates by melting itself up. It appears in old Egypt, along with in the Southwest as the Thunderbid, in India, Garuda, in Iran, the Huma, in England, Arthur’s dragon sign. Its types alter, but the flame-like significance, able to burn away misfortune and destruction (bad karma) remains.

C. G. Jung likened the phoenix to the transmutation of alchemical ‘prime issue’ into bright metal via filtration by fire. He also connected the symbol with regeneration. It is additionally claimed that the phoenix az’s voice summoned the God Beauty to carry a message of rejuvenation.

The Tibetan year of the Firebird will certainly be especially interesting. This is the symbol of awakening, and we could currently see indications of this anywhere we look.

The Tibetan Buddhist tradition provides much sage suggestions on ways to deal with rebirth – both emotionally, and physically. The custom educates:


1. There is no possible way to escape fatality. No-one ever has, not also Jesus, Buddha, etc. Of the current globe populace of over 5 billion people, almost none will live in 100 years time.

2. Life has a precise, inflexible limit as well as each minute brings us closer to the finality of this life. We are dying from the moment we are born.

3. Death can be found in a moment and its time is unforeseen. All that divides us from the next life is one breath.

Conviction: To practise the spiritual path as well as ripen our inner capacity by growing positive psychological qualities as well as abandoning troubling psychological qualities.

” Tonight you die to be born-again in the morning, like every secondly that exists.”

― Brian E. Miller, Shambhala

We have a chance with the year of the firebird to dispose of all that hasn’t already served us, and to replace these ideas, words and deeds with uplifted, much more aware ideas, as well as actions.

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Tibetans make use of energies and qualities when they are designating groups of difference to their years. The new year constantly begins and upright a brand-new moon. This is a similar system to the Chinese, Hindus and also old Babylonians.

All of these practices used the sign of fire to define the shedding away of unclean thoughts, as well as karmic actions.

What ashes will you increase from this Tibetan Lunar New Year, in order to develop something anew?