Some of our anxieties are triggered by future events that we are terrified of currently, in today time. When our ideas are not engaged by this worry of the future, we typically turn to offences as well as discomforts we have actually experienced in the past. Memories such as “I was degraded,” “deserted,” “kicked,” “disregarded,” “called a phony,” “ripped off on,” “burglarized” fill our minds.

In our spiritual Journey, when we are melting in the fire of fear, we stop working to identify that the last root of all our fears is the concern of death which hogties us, makes our life bitter and avoids us from totally experiencing the pleasure of existence.

Because of those worries (routine or long-term stress and anxiety, a sense of being endangered, or outright panic) the Ego-dominated mind cries for an urgent treatment.

Society provides a “option” to that trouble via home entertainment as well as clinical industrie, the production of durable goods and energizers. These are all thriving, tremendously financially rewarding services. They pay for “efficient” solutions, suppress as well as deal with the concern the spiritual Candidate experiences on their journey.

Despite all the “help” society needs to supply, there are periods in the life of the spiritual Candidate when he/she will certainly be alone as well as the “rage generator” starts functioning. The “I am upset” is an expressive sign of the poison flowing in the system of the person, triggering spiritual as well as physical devastation as well as diseases. Worry in this means transformeds into temper, performing its destrcutive work in the life of the spiritual Seeker.

” But why am I mad at all even if of the recollection of an unfavorable occasion that occurred in the past? And why bearing in mind something that should not have had to happen to begin with?” – the spiritual Hunter could ask himself the question.

But the spiritual Seeker commonly expects the solution done in vain. Due to the fact that of the absence of Awareness, the spiritual Hunter cannot acknowledge that he or she urges on the feelings produced by disgust as well as wrath that he/she thinks about as warranted, rather than selecting the quiet as well as peace of Awareness. The reason for that is that the Ego wishes to defend itself.

The spiritual Candidate does not realize that about previous occasions the question is not that they were great or negative, because those things are dead as well as gone, they do not exist. Still, the spiritual Seeker will exhumate occasions of the past in order to identify, join with them.

 Another strategy of the Ego-dominated mind requires the spiritual Hunter to discover shelter from the anxiety as well as temper in timeless memories of the past and an anticipated brighter future. These images offer great feelings, as well as for a short duration take the spiritual Hunter away from the effects of his anxiety and sorrow.

Without the “aid” of the industries discussed above, the flames of the concern and rage that look so frightening initially, would relax and transformed into an altering glow where Pure Awareness would certainly be born and awaken to its genuine Self.

The objectives of the classic memories of the past as well as the gorgeous visions of the future, in addition to the social methods focused on subduing worry coincide: to deny the spiritual Applicant of the definitely one-of-a-kind experience of Presence.

 The spiritual Seeker would hear the message waiting on him/her for such a very long time, past all anxiety and temper:

You are the Spirit, the pure Consciousness!

In that state of Awareness a totally new measurement of Existence opens for us, showing us Existence from a totally brand-new point of view. The unity behind the conflicts is exposed before our eyes, and also we no longer insist on viewing the warm side of life, as we have the ability to discover elegance on the dark side, too.

We accept life as it is, and it is refrained from doing under stress, since that approval is the outcome of our full flexibility. The freedom is, then, a fruit of our retreat from the globe of Shapes as well as Forms. We have actually understood and experienced the process of awakening. The time has actually come for us to take control over our mind whenever it is called for by the circumstances. When we do not need the job of the mind directly, let us provide it some rest.

Everything will certainly be peaceful and also relaxed in us. We are past all excellent and wicked, we are a mere Awareness that does not analyze or judge, only contemplates. We understand that the same pondering spirit lives in everyone, so the differences in between humans are only shallow, and deep inside we are just the same. Experiencing that unity will bring us the ecstasy of Life, the ideal happiness of Existence.