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Just had a thought … (for those that currently recognize both prospects are creatures of the exact same judgment class and it doesn’t actually matter that wins.)

What if…

the ‘Elite’s’ objective the whole time was to put Rig there as a candidate, see to it he would certainly come across as the complete looney that he is, and BECAUSE virtually every person expects insanity from the person, use him as a means to more openly as well as overtly rule us in an insane fashion. Perhaps the establishment is sick of hiding behind ‘excellent child’ as well as ‘good woman’ puppets. Possibly they just intend to be themselves now lol. (As well as use ‘Crazy President Trump’ as the perpetrator for the insane things ‘they’ will do following …)

But no matter my theory … allow’s not forget the truth that ” Head of states are selected, not chosen.”– Franklin Roosevelt.

I desire even more of us bore in mind that. I desire we kept in mind that national politics is truly a game program made to offer the impression of choice, when actually we are merely ‘voting’ for the same huge club that ‘do not offer a f ** k about us’, as George Carlin eloquently expressed.

Should We Be Scared?

Now this info shouldn’t frighten and immobilize us. It should equip us. Awaiting change every 4 years is aging. I hope I won’t get blown up for this, however I actually believe it isn’t terrible that Trump won. Why? Because losing hope in our ‘leaders’ could be the trigger we should recover belief in ourselves as well as each various other.


It’s easy to tackle company as usual when you obtained Obama singing songs of modification as well as sweet-talking individuals to sleep. It’s simple to transform a blind eye when psychopathy is hidden behind a relatively good-hearted exterior. Trump? Trump is loud, ridiculous, egotistical as well as pleased of being a jerk. So if that can assist shake us awake and also fully fess up to the truth that federal government never ever represented the individuals … perhaps we can ultimately begin taking obligation for our lives and also the globe we want to create.

‘ We blame culture, however we are culture.’


I believe we are missing a crucial item of the puzzle: The understanding that corrupt politicians as well as evil lenders typically aren’t the root cause of all the world’s sickness. They are symptoms of a sick consciousness.

Think concerning it. They have reached see themselves as separate from every little thing and everyone, for them to so ruthlessly plunder the planet and also confine humanity for their very own instant benefit. They have obtained to endure a distressed state of ‘me/mine/more’ to carry on with their outrageous power-hungry schedules. It all started off with a virus of the mind enhancing the illusion that we are separate from nature as well as each other.

A really crucial inquiry to ask ourselves is, where has that exact same virus infiltrated our mind? A number of us – even in our even more ‘stired up state’ – still run from that exact same fearful, insecure as well as separated state of consciousness. Do we assume we’re going to make more wholistic and also equipped options directly and as a culture, if we are still so caught up in our individual egos, anxieties and also agendas? Do we believe we can successfully collaborate as well as be the change we want to see, if we operate under the very same old divisive, aggressive as well as affordable way of thinking that developed the issue in the first place?

‘ Seek to overcome that in on your own which most disrupts you in other individuals.’ — Thomas à Kempis

All wonderful campaigns and heart-based organisations that currently exist in the world are run by people who have undertaken a profound improvement of their own consciousness – where they saw that they are ADJOINED with everything and everyone and also are here to add and uplift the globe. (Right here’s an example, as well as another, and one more, as well as many others right here …) This means that in the same means consciousness goes to the origin of the world’s ills, a shift in consciousness will also go to the root of change.

  • It is our consciousness that shape our political as well as company models.
  • It is our awareness that form the quality of our relationships, options as well as actions.
  • And it is the quality of our partnerships, selections and also actions that shape our world.

‘ No trouble can be resolved from the exact same level of consciousness that produced it.’– Albert Einstein

The objective isn’t really to merely branch off right into a ‘far better system’ or elect ‘better leaders’. It is to transform our very own awareness which will certainly consequently result in us developing much better systems … and also becoming better leaders ourselves.