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Many years earlier, after investing time with different meditation educators, I became mindful of a fascinating sensation. Some educators seemed to have the capability to really transmit their very own state of meditative awareness to their students.

Sometimes I would certainly participate in a reflection course and leave really feeling excellent from the meditation, yet I really did not necessarily really feel anything special. There were other times when I would certainly walk away and points were just … different.


I was filled up with peace and also joy and also agility of being. I seemed to be experiencing, via no unique initiative of my very own, the same qualities of peace as well as pleasure that rose from the meditation teacher.

What Is Transmission?

what is meditationThat’s when I began to familiarize something called “transmission.” And also it appeared that some teachers had the capacity to transfer and also some did not.

What is transmission?

To put it simply, transmission is what occurs when a meditation educator has the experience, skill, and depth to share their meditative awareness with pupils directly.

They transmit their state of awareness. Just like the sun sends heat through waves of light, these teachers relay happiness, convenience, and also lightness via the top quality of their being.

The idea of transmission isn’t really brand-new either.

Teachers use words to transfer concepts. Musicians utilize their tools to send feelings. In many ways, we humans are transmitters at our core, influencing each various other all the time with words, tools, feelings, expressions, or in this case, states of consciousness.

The Benefits of Transmission Meditation

At Concerning Meditation, we have located, via our own experience in the art as well as scientific research of meditation, that discovering from people who have the capacity to transfer their very own state of meditative awareness is important.


For one thing, it can drastically speed up development along the course by offering accessibility to states of awareness that would be difficult to accomplish on one’s own.

And that’s a major benefit of collaborating with teachers who have this capability for transmission. All of us struggle with meditation at different times, and dealing with a person that is maintained at a higher state of recognition can aid us cultivate that exact same understanding in ourselves.

Without the access to higher states of awareness that originates from instructors who could send, it can be difficult to create as well as nurture that room of tranquility and silence within yourself.

This is why we promote led meditations as well as programs with teachers that have this capacity. Numerous reflection instructors can do this, and also all we are doing is placing a name to it.