Much rests on the upcoming presidency of Donald Trump. Will he make great on his assurances to ‘drain pipes the overload?’ Will he produce a more calm partnership with Russia? Will he in fact have the ability to ‘construct the wall?’ Plainly, there is opposition and also assistance for these and various other campaigns he has in mind. Eventually, the success of a Trump presidency should be based upon assisting all individuals. It has to increase over the two-party, left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative illusion.

As many currently recognize, the two-party system is one where the elite usage to release the notorious ‘divide and also dominate’ method. The masses are divided up and say among each various other, while the genuine power players draw the strings as well as maintain their silent control over all political, economic as well as social systems we have in place.

mindfulness exercisesThe very first thing Donald Trump can do to be an effective head of state is to proceed wondering about, when ideal, resisting people and organizations that are existing or trying to convince him to align with the worldwide elite’s schedule. Trump has questioned the intelligence neighborhood’s assertions that ‘Russia hacked the political election’ and proceeds to do so. It has to be kept in mind that the CIA exists for its living. It is in the organisation of existing for the elite’s schedule. The unfavorable reality is that the CIA has actually undoubtedly been politicized and also it appears that Trump is translucenting the lies of these firms as well as is rather, discerning fact from fiction.

One former CIA spy has a very intriguing view on this circumstance. It must be specified that Robert Steele isn’t really just an ordinary former spy, as he has fairly the resume’. Robert benefited the CIA yet left the to start the Marine Corps Knowledge Task. He has pioneered the Open Source Intelligence self-control across the Division of Defense, Unique Procedures Forces and also NATO. He has also trained over 7,500 policemans from 66 nations in open source approaches and also has over 18 years’ experience in the UNITED STATE intelligence community and an additional 20 years’ experience in commercial intelligence and also training.

Robert just recently stated of Trump defying the intelligence neighborhood:

‘ As a CIA spy, I have actually faked intelligence, existed to government leaders, and managed a modest false flag operation (no person died). This is what CIA does. I charge John Brennan, Supervisor of the CIA, of being a liar who remains in betrayal of the public trust fund with his lies. The most recent DHS-FBI record – as well as relevant records from small companies looking for to curry favor with the Deep State – are outright crap. I am reminded of the 935 now-documented lies told by Dick Cheney to warrant a $5 trillion war as well as multiple line of works from Afghanistan to Niger.

The United States media, extremely a lot under control, is both replaying the false narrative against the Russians, and strictly staying clear of any kind of independent discourse on that it is United States traitors, not the Russians, that are the risk to US tranquility and also prosperity. It is extremely likely that the neo-Nazi aspect in European management is conspiring with the neo-Nazi, neo-conservative component in United States leadership, to begin a battle with Russia. War is an organisation design for the City of London and Wall surface Road, for the Vatican as well as the Rothschilds.’


Because also the most recent intelligence record did not include any kind of evidence of ‘Russian hacking’ and also was just signed by only 3 knowledge firms, and not 17 like many are wrongly claiming, it shows up Trump has done the correct thing by exterior siding with honest, qualified intelligence professionals and whistle-blowers like Robert Steele, William Binney (NSA whistle-blower), Ray McGovern (previous CIA), Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and numerous others. A review of the report has actually been published by Robert Steele and it can be seen here: The Trump “Intelligence” Briefing Has No Proof Whatsoever: Evaluating Russian Tasks and Objectives in Recent United States Elections.

To succeed, the second thing Trump can achieve is making good on his pledge to create a more serene connection with Russia. In the realm of civils rights as well as approach, going beyond much over any ideological political framework, relaxes the basic truth that tranquility with various other countries is paramount. Just what is essential to keep in mind here is that a person does not have to sustain or also like Trump (or whoever). What must be sustained however is the activity itself. If peace is genuinely attempting to be developed, we should support this action. Once again, this is simple civils rights and goes far beyond political party biases.

These 2 issues, standing up to the secret intelligence area and salarying peace with Russia, are linked. Wayne Madsen, a former naval policeman as well as currently an investigative journalist lately said:

‘ Exactly what the CIA is performing in forcing Donald Trump right into changing from his project guarantee of recovering good connections with Russia to one of straight-out hostility to Moscow-favored by the CIA, Supervisor of National Knowledge and also the neo-conservatives within the Republican politician and Autonomous event establishments-is absolutely nothing less compared to an obvious threat to American democracy.’

If Trump withstands the knowledge neighborhood, he will be damaging the grip of the military-industrial facility on the White House.

The 3rd thing Trump can achieve is to end the two-party tyranny. We have to relocate past the fascism of the two-party system that disenfranchises the 70% of all qualified voters, which straight brought about 47% of eligible voters not voting in any way in the election. Robert Steele has actually additionally recorded and also confirmed how the two-party system in the United States in rigged in 12 various methods. More significantly, Steele has actually recommended solutions to these 12 challenges, which is labelled: The Electoral Reform Act of 2017.

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If Trump were to authorize into regulation and also start educating the masses (with aid) about the degree of corruption that has actually been happening to rig and also keep the two-party system (together with informing the masses about many various other areas of corruption in federal government, financing, medicine, education and learning as well as scientific research), then the masses would come to see exactly how the elite have actually controlled truth to serve only the elite’s agenda. True flexibility as well as transformation would have an actual possibility at taking root.

In combination with Julian Assange’s current statements that 2017 will certainly be an even larger and more interesting year compared to 2016, Robert Steele has actually personally guessed that future sets of e-mails will certainly reveal pedophilia amongst high ranking Republican participants, in addition to Republicans that are acting as representatives of foreign powers or that are cutting significant handle Wall St. The e-mails exist. They will certainly be leaked.

What this ultimately suggests is that for Trump to endure the impending collision of the Republican party, he should get in touch with the larger public as well as be above as well as beyond any one celebration. He needs to develop himself as a real transpartisan president.

The fourth point Trump can do is handle Wall St. as well as the banks in a truly purposeful way. Debt renunciation or a financial debt jubilee, should take place. The pupil lending financial debt, clinical financial obligation and single-mom credit report card financial obligation must all go. Michael Hudson, a visionary and uncomplicated economic expert, has actually specified that a considerable means for Trump to renew the middle course and the economic climate is to declare a financial obligation jubilee. Trump has to additionally authorize into regulation the ‘Audit the Federal Reserve’ bill, which Ron Paul as well as Rand Paul have been singing proponents for its implementation. Such an audit would certainly untangle many keys of the elite and also would cause additional revolution. An audit would additionally lead down the bunny opening of the global security accounts, which is something Trump will require to attend to and also begin educating the masses concerning as well.

Finally, the 5th thing Trump could do is to create an Open Resource Firm. At the base of the Open Source Firm will certainly be Open Provisioning and Open up Infrastructures. Among the practices within Open Provisioning will be the usage as well as application of complimentary energy with solar, wind as well as various other methods, limitless desalinated water supply using solar-powered desalinated water plants, housing as well as revitalization of food farming without making use of GMOs or artificial chemicals. Included in Open Infrastructures will certainly be complimentary net as well as cellular use. Making use of open source approaches, completing the projects noted above will certainly be done at 10% of the expense when contrasted to making use of current methods.

The Open Resource Company will certainly also carry out Open Federal government, Open Intelligence and Open Media, which would certainly develop true openness on all levels throughout federal government, media organizations, and also the intelligence neighborhood and also will for the very first time ever permit the public to trust the information originating from those three different areas. Not just that, it would give exact, approximately day information and intelligence to every Cabinet official and also every Congressional oversight board, which would certainly permit them to correctly as well as honestly inform the general public on proposals and decisions.

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The previous CIA spy, Robert Steele, is possibly the world’s leading advocate for Open Source Knowledge as well as Open Source Everything Engineering. With his qualifications and experience, he would be an amazing asset not only for the Trump administration, but for the betterment of the world.

While there are certainly other locations that Trump could focus on to boost this nation as well as assistance boost the world, these areas listed above would certainly address a wide variety of issues that presently pester our world. If he prefers to utilize the individuals as well as methods detailed in this post, in addition to execute the required modifications recommended, Trump could actually improve this nation and also our globe in several ways. It should be thought of though that can not place all blame or splendor on a bachelor. True modification should come from a partnership of numerous people and also ideas. If you agree with some or all these suggestions for adjustment, tweet this article at Donald Trump to ensure that we could begin applying the required changes our nation and world requires appropriate now.